Atlas Halieutique
 Blue whiting-combined stock
 Cod-Celtic sea
 Cod-Irish Sea
 Cod-North sea
 Common Sole-Celtic Sea
 Common sole-Eastern Channel
 Common sole-Irish Sea
 Common sole-West of Ireland
 Common sole-Western channel
 Haddock-Celtic Sea and West of Scotland
 Haddock-Irish Sea
 Haddock-North Sea, Skagerrak, and West of Scotland
 Herring-Celtic Sea and South of Ireland
 Herring-West of Scotland, West of Ireland
 Nephrops-FU 10
 Nephrops-FU 32
 Nephrops-FU 33
 Nephrops-FU 4
 Nephrops-FU 5
 Nephrops-FU 6
 Nephrops-FU 7
 Nephrops-FU 8
 Nephrops-FU 9
 Nephrops-VII-FU 16
 Nephrops-VII-FU 17
 Nephrops-VII-FU 19
 Nephrops-VII-FU 20-21
 Nephrops-VII-FU 22
 Plaice-Celtic Sea
 Plaice-Eastern English Channel
 Plaice-Irish Sea
 Plaice-Southwest of Ireland
 Plaice-Western English Channel
 Sea bass-Central and southern North Sea, Irish Sea, English Channel, Bristol Channel, and Celtic Sea
 Sole-Bay of Biscay
 Sole-Celtic Sea
 Whiting-Celtic Sea and West of Scotland
 Whiting-North Sea and Eastern English Channel

Stocks :
Here you can get overview of Discards described by available data (STECF one) for stocks that are relevant for DiscardLess Case studies.