Atlas Halieutique

Citation : Viðarsson, J. R., Ragnarsson, S. Ö., Einarsson, M. I., Sævarsson, B., & Szymczak, P. (2017). DiscardLess WP5.4 Report on the 3D drawings and cost-benefit tools developed for Icelandic, North Sea and Bay of Biscay case studies.

DiscardLess will help provide the knowledge, tools and technologies as well as the involvement of the stakeholders to achieve the gradual elimination of discard.


The need to eliminate discards and thus gain a better control over each catch is critical in modern fisheries and with new regulations being put into practice. Discards have since the beginning of modern fisheries been a part of fishing habits and therefore the solutions offered need to be viable and designed to fit each vessel. Discardless WP5.2 tackled the overall problem of discards and offered examples of solutions for each vessel in the case studies. These solutions were designed to work with the respective fishing vessels in question and ease the workload put on staff as well as maximize the product quality. These solutions offer both a change of habits with regards to the fish caught for human consumption as well as all other unavoidable unwanted catches. The financial benefits and costs of those solutions are represented in the “cost benefit tool” while visualization of the suggested solutions is presented in 3D drawings. The boats in question are of four different sizes and represent equally variable challenges regarding on board solutions.