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The WGNAS-SalmoGlob ToolBox supports and promotes Atlantic salmon stock assessment by the ICES Working Group on North Atlantic Salmon (WGNAS). The ToolBox supports the workflow upstream and downstream the Bayesian integrated life cycle model developed for the stock assessment and provision of multi-year catch advice.
All contents presented are from data and outputs of models from ICES WGNAS 2021 that held 22-31 March 2021, remotely.
Time series of data used is 1971-2020.
Data and outputs presented for Scotland (East and West) are preliminary and non official data that should be updated definitely by the end of May 2021.

. DataCollect - Upload data as .csv files to update the online salmon database. [restricted access only; now inactive; accessible via ID and password later]
. DataVisu - Visualize all inputs used in the Life Cycle Model. [public access]
. Hindcast - Investigate the trends in a selection of variables predicted by the model fitted on the historical series of data (from 1971) and compare them to corresponding observed values when available.
. Forecast - Explore the model predictions under different catch options and quantifies the probability to achieve management objectives. [public access]
. Export - Download all inputs used in the life cycle model as .xlsx templates for the yearly data call for single stock units or fisheries, or directly as Nimble objects (i.e. formatted as R-lists of data inputs with model variable names). [public access]

Support and funding

This application was developed as part of the SalmoGlob project, led by Etienne Rivot, Pierre-Yves Hernvann, Maxime Olmos, Rémi Patin Jérôme Guitton (ESE, Ecology and Ecosystem Health, Institut Agro, INRAE, France).

The SalmoGlob project received support and fundings from the Office Français pour la Biodiversité (MIAME Management of Diadromous Fishes and their Environment) and from the SAMARCH Interreg program.

Maintainer: Pierre-Yves Hernvann Contact: Etienne Rivot

Vizualizing up-to-date data

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Short-term predictions from the life cycle model

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